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Gonna be some art spam on here because I left Colors for a while (way too much drama on there right now) but I still wanna draw and post, so I will be posting the stuff here! I will be drawing my OCs for once!
Oceanblue by 3moNinja
For :iconoceanblue-art: 

Sorry I haven't been posting much guys, I most post on my Colorslive account, I will try to post here more, since there's been a lot of drama over there I dragged myself into. x.x
I was tagged by :iconleodrawsthings: 

1. You've gotta post these rules, no exceptions! D:

2. Each person tagged has to name 5 facts about their selves! 

3. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you, then make some for those -you- tag! 

4. Choose 10 other people to icon tag! EXAMPLE: :iconleodrawsthings:

6. You cannot tag the person who has tagged you!

7. "You're tagged if you're reading this" ETC isn't allowed, you actually have to tag 10 others! 

5 Facts About Me:

1. I draw things

2. I like to greet random people which would make me a sex offender if I was male

3. I'm working on a stop motion movie right now

4. I am actually five

5. Legally blind

Given Questions:

1. What are your plans for Halloween and what will you be dressing as?!/What were your plans for Halloween and what did you dress as?! 

 - I'm sick I'm just sit in my room pretending I'm dressed as Waldo and be angry, also I have to work, so blegh.

2. What is your favorite art piece (by your hand) so far and what are your favorite things about your art?!

 - I don't really like any of my 'art' tbh

3. What is your favorite holiday and or season of the year?!

 - St. Patrick's Day because then I am allowed to wear a hat to school.

4. Where are 5 places you'd like to travel?!  

-The kitchen fridge
-My room closet
-The one island in Hawaii
-The Sinnoh Region

5. What is your Favorite candy and or food?! 

 candy: those weird mexican watermelon candies covered in chile, not because they're good, but so I can eat them without burning and be a dick and share them with my friends (((::
 food: oranges

My Questions For You

1. What's your favorite idea? ((::
2. Favorite song?
3. Your best OC?
4. If you were stuck on a deserted island with me, what would we talk about for all of eternity?
5. Do you like waffles?

I'm tagging:









please? c: by 3moNinja
please? c:
all my friends were really sad and I was sick and couldn't hug them ;w;


3moNinja's Profile Picture
Ilaria Dominguez
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Yes hello my friends call me Lolli because I don't like my name being pronounced 20 different ways.
I know my page is kind of confusing cause I do like 10 different styles but yeah I drew them all, I just like trying different things!
I am always open to art trades and requests, just send me a Note with a Ref and tell me what kind of drawing you'd like (you can choose one of my drawings as an example of what kind of drawing you want) and we'll be good to go!
I specialize in drawing anthro and sometimes MLP, but my main interest as far as art goes is animation, though I can't do it that often, I post my thingstuffs here:…


:iconqwertypictures: :iconf-eles: :iconchaossharingan: :iconyohane-firyu: :icontoorima-fenix:


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