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December ID by 3moNinja
December ID
My laptop still isn't back from the shop. ; ; 
i only draw cats now by 3moNinja
i only draw cats now
This is Zach, he actually use to be my son in me and my ex's RP, but then one day my ex was like "wtf omg ur ugly bye" and I was like "OMG NO YOUUU WTFFF" so I took all of our kids except Raine and gave them different species and backstories, so here he is now! He was a weredog so I think he might be a werecat, aha I dont know anymore. xD

Name: Zachary Bernard Mitchel
Age: 14
Orientation: o.o
Bio: No one except his mother calls him Zachary, and everyone else knows him as Zach. He lives with his mother in the city for the school year, then on his father's wine grape orchard during the summer. He often steals his suits and tries them on, even taking them back with him to the city and wearing them to school, though his father is like 6ft tall and he has his mother's height: 5'2. Even though he's underweight, he has an interest in food, wanting one day to be a food critic. Who wouldn't want to get paid to eat stuff? He's particularly interested in wine-tasting, though he easily gets drunk in half a sip. Oops. He hasn't ever heard of the rule of thumb and takes it upon himself to evaluate people's works, which is seen as rude by most, though he does have a few friends who appreciate it. 
THIS IS A CAT by 3moNinja
Okay you know those people who draw like self-insertion fanfics?? THIS WAS LITERALLY ALL I DID IN MIDDLESCHOOL I just sat around drawing and writing stories of me and all these anime characters messing around in SCHOOL oh my gosh so I've had this guy for a while, he's based off of a cat-boy named Conri in the first manga I read EVER which is great, it's a shame it only has one volume, I mean, cat-boy yaoi, I mean is there really any other way to introduce an 11 year old into the world of anime? COURSE NOT but I couldnt draw people so I always drew him like this, and eventually I made him into my own character and was just like, "Oh, this is a different Conri." And now I'm like, "Kay let's change his name to Connor." Then the INTERNET was like "Hey Lolli, you know only female cats can be calico right?" And I'm like OOOOH okay well maybe he was born as a girl but THEN that shares an extremely harsh resemblance to another character I know |D Idk what to do with him but I literally have so much art of him from middle school, I might upload new versions of oldies like this and then just make giant collages of old drawings of them and post them. From here on out I'm literally just going to generate last names for my charries so yee

Name: Connor Laurie Morris
Age: 18
Orientation: *blushes and hides face under paws*
Occupation: High School Senior and Aspiring Actor
Bio: Connor is a male calico. Deal with it. He was raised by his mother, three older sisters, and Disney movies in a large obnoxiously bright yellow house in the city, so bright it was a landmark. He is Malik's best friend, and the school drama queen. He sings a Tenor 1 in men's choir, and tries out for a role in every school play that shows up, no matter what the role is. You wouldn't know he was as dumb as a potato from watching him on stage, however. Other students sometimes find his upbeat personality and friendliness a bit unsettling and often make fun of him for it, though most of the time he doesn't even realize he's being made fun of and just laughs along with them. 

Yah I haven't written a bio since the last time I started a RP so it's worded really rough. xD I'll add more later because he's my gingercat and I love him<33

oh yeah this looks like trash because I just FORGOT that I cant use my scanner with my neighbor's laptop and drew him full body on paper but wanted to show him on here anyway so I re-drew it sort of Colors3D. ;w;
Nita and baby Stripe by 3moNinja
Nita and baby Stripe
This is me working on my movie aaand /not/ being off task and taking selfies on Photobucket. The lady is Nita, who is literally my grandma I swear, and the thingy in the not-Barbie basket is a baby version of Stripe, the other main character of this movie. 

So close to finishing filming, then onto weeks of editting and writing music. HHHH
Hey guys! I know I post vent art and stuff here, so just so it's not like confusing or anything I'm gonna clarify what I'll be doing with them:

-Not mentioning people by name. (I don't like that at all)
-Deleting them after I feel better.

Which it doesn't take me long to feel better, (though those feelings will eventually come back in small spurts), and even if I don't mention by name I know some people who will report them. x.x So I take them down, I also don't want to keep people worried/angry ect, and I'm trying to make family friendly movies so I don't want my gallery stuffed with depression. c: 

On another note I'm almost done filming my stop motion movie, so I will post it here. It's really choppy and probably confusing, but it's a first. xD"

I'm also getting another Skype, way too much stuff happened on that account and it takes 5ever to delete history, so I want to start fresh. My skype account atm is non existent. xD" uwu I'll post it here when my laptop gets back from the laptop-fixing.. people. ;A; DID I EVEN MENTION THAT IT LIKE BLEW UP?! Like poof, she's gone. And it's probably for the best, so I can get a fresh start and have all those files from the past gone too. My neighbor gave me his laptop to use till then, so no traditional stuff for a while.

I actually have met a bunch of really cool people and old friends on here?? I'm trying to be more active, but like I've mentioned, I am sooo scared of messing up and you all just running away from me one day and with how much I draw I was scared if I posted it all I'd annoy ya'll to death. ; ; Then I just suddenly realized if you didn't like my art, you wouldn't be watching me. Huh. I'm just a lot less shy on Colors, so, I was thinking maybe I'd do what I do on there. Sometimes do a bunch of random requests/fanart and actually try to talk to people. 


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Ilaria Dominguez
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Yes hello my friends call me Lolli because I don't like my name being pronounced 20 different ways.
I know my page is kind of confusing cause I do like 10 different styles but yeah I drew them all, I just like trying different things!
I am always open to art trades and requests, just send me a Note with a Ref and tell me what kind of drawing you'd like (you can choose one of my drawings as an example of what kind of drawing you want) and we'll be good to go!
I specialize in drawing anthro and sometimes MLP, but my main interest as far as art goes is animation, though I can't do it that often, I post my thingstuffs here:…


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